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A Certified Registered Locksmith, Larry is the owner of the Lockshop and has been with the company since its start-up in 1993. He was drawn to the industry by the magic of being able to open a vehicles or lock with skillful use of a tool. He currently has six employees and a fleet of six vehicles. He and his wife Denise have three kids and two cats. Larry runs marathons and enjoys downhill skiing and snowmobiling. His Company Mission: to serve others by helping them to protect all that they have worked hard to build. 

Pro Tip: Make a spare key before you need it.

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Gary is a Lockshop veteran on staff since 2008. He says curiosity drew him to the industry, and says he “may” have been a lockpick as a kid. Gary enjoys the creative problem-solving required in the job and working with great coworkers. He and his wife Missy have two cats, four geckos, six pythons and a tortoise. Off-the-clock Gary likes reading and gaming. 

Pro Tip: Slow down and call before it breaks. Especially with safes.

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After his military service, Rich was happy to find a unique, challenging job that allows him to help the community. He enjoys his coworkers, the customers, and the opportunity to learn different parts of the business. Rich is married to his wife Cath, and in his spare time enjoys all kinds of gaming. 

Pro Tip: A $4 key can save over 10 times that much in a service call or other services.

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Rob began working at the Lockshop in 2014. What inspired him to join the trade? “As a kid I saw a lot of locksmiths . . . since my mom was always locking her keys in the house and car.” Now Rob enjoys taking locks apart, figuring them out, and fixing them. He spends his spare time drawing, painting, and working on cars and motorcycles. Rob and his wife Alyssa have one daughter. 

Pro Tip: Use an oil-based lubricant for frozen locks.

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Jim has been with the Lockshop crew since early 2019. He says he likes the challenge and enjoys the “great customers and coworkers.” Jim has two boys, a German Shorthair named Berkley and loves hunting, fishing, RC cars, and anything outdoors. Jim is glad to be onboard and attributes the “fun environment” to a generous owner who treats employees like a “Lockshop family.” 

Pro Tip: If it seems wrong, don’t force it.

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Dustin has been with the Lockshop crew since late 2019. “As a person who likes to tinker,” Dustin thought it would be a good fit. He enjoys the problemsolving required of the job and likes to help people who are in need. Dustin and his wife Lindsay have three kids, a dog and a snake. In his spare time, Dustin does electrical repairs. 

Pro Tip: Never open a door by pulling on the key.

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